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what if men wanting women to smile constantly is about infantilization because babies are the only people who smile all the time

that’s definitely a possibility. i personally theorized it had to with men not wanting to feel guilty subconsciously in a patriarchal society. or that men are allowed to express more “negative” emotions but women are only allowed to express “positive” emotions. idk maybe all of those things and more combined?

It could be a whole bunch of things. I definitely like your idea too, and think that is definitely possible as well.

It’s funny, very young infants tend to smile when they have gas. I think the next time a guy comes up telling me to smile I’m going to rip a loud smelly fart and smile wide when he gives me a disgusted look and walks away.

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posted on September 24, 2013
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    I don’t ask people to smile as I have stated before. You typed this big lecture for nothing. I was not aware of the full...
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    Telling someone to smile does not make them happy. Think about some time you were extremely upset - angry, sad, whatever...
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    1. every stranger is my soul mate.2. SATAN. Okay.
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    ….i was explaining my post to you and you responded by being a complete piece of shit but i’m picking a fight? there’s...
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    "well fuck you too.
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    oh okay it looks like I kinda swam into some deep shit here ! I read everything and know I have a better idea on the...
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    The issue that is being discussed is strangers on a bus telling a woman to smile. It’s nice to wish well on everyone...
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    you’re right, this IS a public setting, and people saw you being rude and responded appropriately. because of your...
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    "Man here," no nope
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    i believe you were just told to stop “satanising” men by a teen boy who is 27% emo my question is how do I get...
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    Wow, got to love it when creepers prove your point for you….
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    i’m pretty sure some random man on the street who is not smiling himself telling me, a girl walking on her own who...
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    why do men want women to smile? to treat them like a child? the patriarchy? who knows????? jesus christ
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